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Jimmy Page and Chris Cornell Talk Led Zeppelin on Stage at Guitar World Event

To celebrate the release of Jimmy Page’s lavish new photo book, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, the guitar legend appeared with Chris Cornell, guitarist and singer for Soundgarden, at the Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for a relaxed question-and-answer session that spanned the entirety of Page’s 50-year career.

Jimmy Page Revisits 'Led Zeppelin IV' and 'Houses of the Holy' — Five Questions

We did some great work there, and I was particularly impressed with their wonderful echo and reverb facilities. The only problem was, they also had a rather “colorful” studio monitoring system. While we were mixing, everything sounded huge and the low end sounded especially massive. But when we returned to England and played our work back, the sound was nothing like what we had heard in Los Angeles. It was deflated…a pale echo of what we’d heard in L.A.

Magnatone Amps Are Back, and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Is Rolling Out the Red Carpet

While the front end and power sections of the new Magnatones have been modernized and vastly improved, the company’s engineers have faithfully recreated their legendary patented vibrato circuit from 1958, which is nothing short of heaven for true aficionados of classic guitar sounds.

Grammy Museum and Jimmie Vaughan Partner for One-of-a-Kind Stevie Ray Vaughan Exhibit

While not as well known as Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Grammy Museum, located in downtown Los Angeles, is a must-see for music fanatics visiting the West Coast.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Testify" Source: Jimi Hendrix's Original Version with The Isley Brothers — Listen

The idea of Stevie Ray Vaughan covering a funky song by the great R&B band the Isley Brothers might seem bizarre until you consider that rhythm and blues was a big part of the Double Trouble playbook. Besides, his choice of “Testify” makes perfect sense when you realize that the guitarist on the Isley’s original 1964 version was none other than his hero, Jimi Hendrix.

King Crimson Return, Play First Gigs in Six Years

Fans of progressive rock had reason to rejoice this past summer when Robert Fripp, the guitarist and bandleader of the legendary progressive rock band King Crimson, dramatically announced he was coming out of retirement and the group was “returning to active service.”

Jeff Beck and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Discuss the Rocking Relationship Between Guitars, Cars and Everything in Between

Ripe for caricature, they are perhaps two of the most distinctive-looking performers in rock history. Beck, with his much-imitated rooster shag haircut, and Gibbons, dressed in full hipster Wild West drag, look almost disconcertingly the same as they have for the past three or four decades.

Essential Listening: 10 Stellar Headphone Albums

What, exactly, is a headphone album? Well, the definition changes depending on who you are. For audiophiles, a headphone album is a work that is so exquisitely recorded that it demands that you have to listen to each beautifully recorded note under a sonic microscope. Something like Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue fits that bill.

Barre None: Jethro Tull's 10 Greatest Guitar Moments

Today, Guitar World checks in with Jethro Tull and tracks down what we feel are the legendary British band's 10 greatest guitar moments. As always, our list digs deep into the band's six-string artistry (a staggering amount of which was provided by the great Martin Barre and, of course, Ian Anderson), while taking historical importance and other factors into account.

Gig Review: Richie Sambora Pays Tribute to Les Paul at the Iridium

Highlights included an arena-sized version of “Stranger in This Town” and a thundering “Seven Years Gone,” featuring exciting fretwork from both Sambora and Orianthi. While Ori gave Richie most of spotlight, she wasn’t shy when it was her turn to solo. Her incredible technique and more trebly, biting tone lit a fire under the frontman’s ass, who clearly enjoyed being challenged.