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Quick Lick: Metallica - "Sad But True"

In the following video, Guitar World's Jimmy Brown shows you how to play the main riff to "Sad But True" from Metallica's multi-platinum self-titled album from 1991.

Guitar 101: How To Play Fast, Part 3

Another relatively easy way to play fast is to use sweep picking, a technique in which the pick is dragged or "raked" across the strings, playing only one note per string. Sweep picking can be very useful for playing open-voiced arpeggios, as in FIGURE 16, and weird wide-interval licks, as in FIGURE 17, quickly and with minimal effort. When sweep-picking, be sure to mute each string with the left hand immediately after picking it to prevent the notes from ringing together and sounding like a strummed chord.

Guitar 101: How To Play Fast, Part 2

Now that you have some cool ideas for creating your own single-string licks, let’s look at some easy-to-execute speed licks that use two adjacent strings. FIGURE 8 is a Steve Morse-style ascending sextuplet run that climbs up the B and high E strings and finishes with a screaming bend. There are two good ways to play this lick: you can either pick every note for a machine gun-like staccato effect, or, for a "creamier," more legato sound, pick only the first and fourth notes of each sextuplet and use double hammer-ons to sound the remaining notes.

Quick Lick: AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"

Watch and learn how to play the main "Thunderstruck" riff.

Quick Lick: ZZ Top - "Tush"

In this video lesson, learn how to play the intro and verse to ZZ Top's "Tush," from 1975's Fandango!

Quick Lick: Van Halen "Beautiful Girls" Video Lesson

Learn how to play the intro riff to "Beautiful Girls" from Van Halen II.