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Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton of We Came As Romans Talk Gear, New Album

Guitar World sits down with We Came As Romans, the metalcore giants who, on their self-titled fourth album, get pushed to new extremes.

The Secrets of Jimi Hendrix's Guitar Setup: Interview with Roger Mayer

Nobody knows the ins and outs of Jimi Hendrix's guitar sound like Roger Mayer. Mayer introduced Hendrix to his Octavia, a unit that added an octave overtone to the original note. Hendrix loved the sound and used it on the solo to "Purple Haze." The rest, as they say ...

Fear Factory's Dino Cazares Talks New Album, 'Genexus'

Ever since their 1992 debut, Soul of a New Machine, Fear Factory have pushed the envelope in their balance of clean and scream. For album number nine, due later in the year, the band has found a new lyrical spin on the theme that informs so much of its writing.

Thy Art Is Murder Discuss New Album, 'Holy War'

Guitar World sits down with the Australian deathcore merchants who are looking to break out stateside with their new album, Holy War.

Seven Kick-Ass Seven-String Guitar Songs

Look around you. There seems to be a seven-string renaissance happening at the moment. Actually, eight-string guitars seem to be going pretty strong, too. But there's something particularly satisfying about plugging in a seven and riffing out in between the traditional ranges of the guitar and bass.

How Playing Guitar in Front of a Mirror Can Improve Your Shredding Skills

There's one particularly useful practice tool that will dramatically increase your shredding skills while simultaneously helping you to nail those all-important rock star shapes when you hit the stage. And the surprising thing is, you already have it. A mirror.

How Making Mistakes Makes You a Better Guitar Player

My young son is already a little perfectionist. If he's drawing and he messes up a letter, it's like it's the end of his world. He gets angry, frustrated or heartbroken. He hasn't started to learn an instrument yet (although he's interested in guitar and keyboard, and he digs Rush and the Beatles), but I see a lot of myself in his perfectionist streak.

Whitesnake's David Coverdale and Reb Beach Discuss New Deep Purple Tribute Album

“It was certainly not part of my agenda, but I really couldn’t be happier,” Coverdale says of the twists of fate that prompted him to revisit the Purple catalog. “It looked just like a cosmic plan, like God’s chessboard moving the pieces into place.”

Lesson: Synesthesia and the Musical Mind

Every now and then, I'll interview someone who credits part of their musical inspiration to synesthesia -- a phenomenon where one kind of sensory input triggers another. A common example is the perception of colors or textures in relation to music. I'm fortunate to have this trait myself, along with a few other odd little synesthesia-related quirks; I subconsciously associate odd numbers and angular shapes with warm colors, and even numbers and smooth shapes with cool colors, for instance.

Now That's a Turn-Off: The Lost Art of the Standby Switch

There was one overriding theme throughout the night. It was related to amp choice. And no, it wasn't that the majority of the players chose the amp with the most distortion (the Marshall) over the ones with less gain (the Fender and Vox). It was that nobody knew how to turn the amps on.