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White Zombie's J. Yuenger: So You Wanna Start A Band? Part 2

So you've learned how to play some stuff and you've even written a few riffs. Now what? How do you play with another guitarist or bassist? (You probably won't find a drummer for a long time-they're hard to come by.) How do you even find someone to play with in the first place? As promised at the end of last month's column, this is gonna be our subject this time out. I realize that some of what I'm about to tell you will probably seem painfully obvious but it's stuff that took me a lot of trial and error and wasted energy to figure out on my own. There are the a few fairly sure-fire ways for you to find people to play with...

White Zombie's J. Yuenger: So You Wanna Start A Band? Part 1

If you're expecting a typical instructional column from me, then prepare yourself for a shock. Since very little about being in a band actually involves playing the guitar, I therefore thought it was time for a columnist to address some real-world band issues rather than the usual "what Mixolydian mode goes over which chord best."