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Video Feature: Discovering the Edgier Side of Ukulele

This year, I returned from my annual holiday trip to my hometown with a fun new toy - a ukulele. It’s a casual instrument that most people can learn the basics of in a day or two, and if you play guitar you could probably learn to play a song in minutes. I immediately got “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz under my belt and was left wondering what else I could do with my... …

The Indie Idealist: DIY Demos (Part Two)

The do-it-yourself movement is the inevitable and fortunate offspring of the Internet age. Now we can develop formerly elusive skills with the help of forums, how-to guides (like this one), and YouTube tutorials. Various communities of online professionals willing to share their expertise have made it easy for almost anyone to become skillful at almost anything. ... …

The Indie Idealist: DIY Demos (Part One)

Creating passable demos of new songs is a common first step for independent musicians preparing to make an album of original music. It's definitely a good idea to make a basic recording of a new song before taking it into the studio, but why not take it a step further? ... …