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Dear Record Label: I Have a Lot of Facebook Fans and Email Addresses, How Do I Keep Them Engaged?

But what to do about this? The worst thing is to create content for content's sake. So, have a plan. Remove the terrifying "blank canvas" by building content templates for yourselves. Brainstorm ideas like, "Jason's 5 worst drum fills for the week" or "Our lead singer picks his three greatest vocal screams," and figure out which ones speak best to your fans and represent your band. Treat the creation of this kind of stuff as seriously as you do song-writing, rehearsals, recording and gigs.

Dear Record Label: Does Having a Strong Social Media Presence Mean We Don't Need a Website?

Does having a strong social media presence mean that your band doesn't need to invest in a website? Jon Satterley, Roadrunner Records' Senior VP New Media & Global Business Development, has your answer.