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Interview: Fear Factory Guitarist Dino Cazares Discusses Making 'The Industrialist,' Lineup Changes and Gear

After welcoming back guitarist Dino Cazares into the band and putting out a successful seventh studio album Mechanize in early 2010, modern metal giants Fear Factory have returned. Their follow-up album, The Industrialist, is ready to release early next month. This conceptual record also features bassist Matt DeVries on bass, who has replaced Byron Stroud.

Interview: Gus G Discusses New Firewind Album, 'Few Against Many'

Led by master shredder Gus G, Greek power metal band Firewind have enjoyed a loyal fan following in Europe for more than a decade, and their fan base in other territories is always growing. They've come a long way since Gus started the band as a small project, and they're ready to release their seventh studio album, Few Against Many.

Interview: Scale The Summit Guitarists Discuss Headline Tour, 'The Collective' Vinyl

Based out of Houston, Texas, instrumental progressive metal quartet Scale The Summit have gone from strength to strength over the past eight years since their inception.

Interview: Alcest Mainman Neige Talks About the Songwriting Process

Throughout a career that has now spanned 12 years, French atmospheric metal band Alcest have been known to experiment with their musical style on each of their three studio albums and various other EPs and split releases.

Interview: Vanaprasta Guitarists Discuss Musical Style, Songwriting and Gear

LA-based rock quintet Vanaprasta have built quite a niche for themselves with their intriguing musicianship and dynamic live performances, not only in the local club circuit but also through appearances at SXSW and the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Interview: Cannibal Corpse Bassist Alex Webster Talks About New Album, Blotted Science Side Project

For more than two decades, death metal legends Cannibal Corpse have enjoyed a very rabid fan-following in the heavy metal world. The extreme nature of their music, album artwork and lyrical themes has been hugely iconic. Starting with early albums like Eaten Back To Life and Butchered At Birth, right up to the most recent releases like Kill and Evisceration Plague, they have invariably come up with music that has satisfied fans of this sub-genre.

Interview: Czar Frontman Jason Novak Talks About Creative Process Behind Debut Album, Gear

Chicago-based progressive metal trio Czar writes music that can be best described as an eclectic blend of styles, which comes from a variety of influences. Each of the three members has a musical personality of his own and is creatively inspired by different things.

Interview: The Devil's Blood Mainman SL Discusses New Album, 'The Thousandfold Epicentre'

Dutch occult rockers The Devil's Blood are set to release their second full-length album, The Thousandfold Epicentre, in North America on January 17 via Metal Blade Records. It's one of the most intriguing musical compositions I've heard in a while, and even though we are barely starting 2012, the album throws down the gauntlet to everything else that will be released in the remainder of the year.

Interview: Korpiklaani Bassist Jarkko Aaltonen Discusses North American Tour, Plans for 2012

While Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani very much have their roots in folk music, they enjoy a widespread following among metalheads. They released their seventh studio album, Ukon Wacka, in 2011 and toured North America to promote the album, along with support from Russian pagan metal band Arkona. This was their first North American tour in nearly two years, and they generally drew large crowds across the continent.

Interview: Blackguard Frontman Talks About Heavy MTL Experience, NHL Game Soundtrack

Canadian melodic death metal band Blackguard are easily the most hard-working band you'll ever come across. They are a heavily touring group that is willing to do whatever it takes to put their music out there and expose themselves to audiences across North America. They have done tours with Ensiferum, Epica, Hypocrisy, Nevermore, Deicide, Symphony X, Otep, Kamelot and Evergrey, all within an astonishingly time period of two years.