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A Century-Old Super Jumbo by Weymann

Here’s a unique fretted artifact -- a wonderfully fancy and extremely large flat-top built long before such things were common. This Weymann Jumbo is the only one like it we’ve ever seen -- a treat for the eyes and ears, and a very unusual guitar. While fancy, expensive, pearl-spangled guitars were not unusual around 1900, they were normally nowhere near this size!

The Gretsch Roundup: Brooklyn Cowboy Kitsch

As an example of Brooklyn Cowboy Kitsch and flat-out guitar coolness this first-year Gretsch Model 6130 Roundup is sure hard to beat! Perhaps it was overcompensation for being up north in the big city, or maybe just an example of '50s exuberance, but when Gretsch decided to create a solidbody guitar for the country/western market, they really went all in with this one.