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Photo Gallery: Dir En Grey at the House of Blues, Hollywood, December 23

Check out this photo gallery of Japan's Dir En Grey performing at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California, on December 23. All photos by Charlie Steffens.

Interview: David Williams and Kevin Morin of Killinger Discuss Debut Album, Recording with George Lynch

This year will go down as a banner year for Killinger, who released a hard-rocking debut album and shared stages with the likes of Lynch Mob and Stryper. The Canadian foursome have brought their '80s-infused rock/metal sound to audiences in the US and plan to go abroad next year. Killinger singer David Williams and guitarist Kevin Morin recently told Guitar World about their band that could ... and did.

Interview: 10 Questions with Guitarist James Milbrandt of Serianna

With the release of Inheritors and a healthy run of summer and fall tours, Madison, Wisconsin's Serianna are celebrating the fruits of their labor by preparing for more hard work. Guitar World caught up with guitarist James Milbrandt, who, along with Kris Meyer-Ruef, make up the band's lacerating guitar duo. The rest of the band includes Chris Nutting, vocals; Chris Ferraro, drums; and Lee Milbrandt, bass.

Interview: Deception of a Ghost Guitarist Buddy Dameron

It's apparent that for North Carolina-based bludgeoners Deception of a Ghost, it's about the sound and very little about the image. According to guitarist Buddy Dameron, equal to his band's slam is the message the band conveys. "The message we send is to be yourself and do all you can to make yourself happy. Let your voice be heard. We try to encourage people to fight for their dreams, to sum it all up," he says enthusiastically.

Photo Gallery: Gwar at The Glass House in Pomona, California, November 13

Despite the absence of departed brother Cory Smoot, aka Flattus Maximus, Gwar delivered the goods to the crowd at The Glass House in Pomona, California, this past Sunday night, November 13, with radical aplomb, pumping out a killer setlist at very high volume.

Interview: Zakk Wylde Discusses Recording "Iron Man" with William Shatner

Zakk Wylde has a diverse palate and has, over the years, bagged many gigs as a guest guitarist for artists of nearly every genre, including a spot on American Idol with singer and Idol finalist James Durbin earlier this year, wailing away on the Sammy Hagar classic, "Heavy Metal," from the movie of the same name.