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Elvis Costello Digs Deep at Carnegie Hall Debut — Review

But few things could likely be sweeter for Costello in that amazing career than playing for nearly three hours to a packed house at Carnegie Hall, alone with just a guitar (or an electric keyboard), only occasionally playing hits and even then stripping them bare and reworking them in a way that would have made Dylan himself proud.

'Rolling Stones Gear' Author Andy Babiuk Takes Us Behind the Scenes for the Making of a Classic

"With Stones Gear, I wanted it to be even more over the top. So if you’re a Stones fan, you can read the story of the band, learn about the equipment they used and actually see pictures of the band using the equipment from sources that people just don’t have access to.”

Essential Listening: 14 Addictive Guitar Tones That'll Have You Crying Out for More

The list of songs with great guitar tone is endless, and singling out any one as the best is, of course, subjective. But some guitar tones scream out for attention, and the best ones don’t do that literally. Instead, they pull at the melody and cut across the bed created by the rhythm section, without being too showy or abrasive or predictable.

Album Review: The Beatles — 'The U.S. Albums'

Unless you’ve been under a rock, missed the Grammys and close your eyes while you’re at the grocery store checkout, you’ve probably noticed it’s the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S. To mark the occasion, there’s a new box set called The Beatles: The U.S. Albums that, more than anything in the band’s recent catalog, is truly the sound of Beatlemania.

Video: Watch Complete 'American Masters' Version of 'Jimi Hendrix — Hear My Train A Comin'' Documentary

It’s hard to imagine there’s much in the Hendrix family archives that’s worth hearing or seeing at this point, but Jimi Hendrix — Hear My Train A Comin’, which aired last month on PBS’ American Masters series, certainly fits the bill.

Review: 'Jimi Hendrix — Hear My Train A Comin'’ on PBS Tonight; Expanded Blu-ray and 'Miami Pop Festival' CD Out Today

Hear My Train tells Hendrix’s story, likely familiar to any Guitar World reader, in an intimate and refreshing way. All the key players are shown in new interviews, or archival pieces that are either unfamiliar or used in new and interesting ways.

The Beatles' BBC Years Explored in Three Exciting New Releases

If you’re not Beatles obsessed, you’re likely scratching your head at all the hubbub. You might have been one of the more than 8 million people who bought 1994's Live at the BBC and enjoyed the playful nature of the Beatles and the load of tracks the band never recorded for their conventional releases. But really, Live at the BBC was only the tip of the iceberg.

New York Comic Con Report: The Beatles Still Draw the Crowds

Rock and roll was as present as ever at this year’s New York Comic Con. Among the ever ground-breaking use of music being touted in the latest video game releases, and the series of Daft Punk collectible figures and the duo’s new Random Access Memories box set on display at NYCC this past weekend, author Vivek J. Tiwary was the real star.

Ricky Byrd’s 'Lifer' Evokes the Best of the Golden Age of Rock and Roll

As lead guitarist for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts for more than a decade, Byrd’s classic riffs propelled Jett’s best work, including “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” “Talkin’ Bout My Baby” and, of course, “I Love Rock 'n' Roll.” Byrd left the Blackhearts in 1993, a guitar slinger for hire, touring and recording with Roger Daltrey, Southside Johnny and Ian Hunter, among others.

The Clash Return to New York City to Launch Box Set, Greatest-Hits Album and Joe Strummer Mural

The whirlwind evening began at Wallplay on Orchard Street, where videos of the band in its heyday blared across giant screens and black-and-white prints of some of the most iconic images of the band — or of any rock band, for that matter — adorned the walls, courtesy of Rock Paper Photo, the e-commerce fine art photography dealers.