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Lesson: Sunday Strum – Episode 8: Right Hand Flow

In today’s episode of Sunday Strum, I show you a basic skill for making your right hand a little more fluid. Keeping your hand in constant motion throughout a strumming pattern will facilitate better rhythm and thus a better performance. Try it now!

Sunday Strum: Episode 7 Harmonic Progression in Threes

In episode 7 of Sunday Strum, we’re going to cover something a little different. Instead of focusing on rhythm and right hand technique, I thought I’d demonstrate a simple example regarding chord progressions.

Sunday Strum: Episode 6 Introduction to Strumming in 5/4 Time

In this episode of Sunday Strum, we are going to focus on the complex meter 5/4. It’s a meter that can’t be broken down by 2 or 3. Time signatures such as this can be tricky if you aren’t used to playing them. Today, I am going to introduce a simple way to count and play 5/4.

Sunday Strum: Episode 5 Power Chords with Accents

This week on Sunday Strum, I demonstrate two different ways to accent a basic eighth note pattern with power chords. This is a continuation of sorts from episode 4. This time, I’m using the same rhythm, but adding emphasis on certain beats.

Sunday Strum: Episode 4 Strum Power Chords Four Ways

In Episode 4 of Sunday Strum, I focus on strumming power chords four different ways. Utilizing these four variations while keeping the rhythm the same will yield different vibes each time. While the changes are simple, they may get you out of a creative rut or even help you to learn a song more accurately. The rhythm I chose to demonstrate this is just a measure of eighth notes in 4/4 time.

Sunday Strum: Episode 3 Learn an Easy Acoustic Guitar Strum Pattern with Raking

Got a little time this Sunday? Learn this pattern that shows you how to do some easy raking. A rake is just striking the strings with the right hand normally, but muting them with the left hand to get a percussive sound. By replacing just one hit with a rake, I’m able to carve out a new vibe to an existing progression or song.

Sunday Strum: Episode 2 Learn an Easy Country/Western/Rockabilly Strum Pattern

Each week we’re bringing you a new, easy acoustic guitar strum pattern to learn. It’s a perfect activity for a lazy Sunday, or for any time you have a minute to try something new. In this week’s episode, I focus on creating a country/western or rockabilly vibe.

Sunday Strum: Episode 1 Learn an Easy Strum Pattern in 3/4 Time

Introducing a new Acoustic Nation series, Sunday Strum. We’ll be posting a new easy strum pattern every week with an instructional video.Take a stab at it and increase your strum repertoire. Enjoy!

Gear Review: Learn to Play Guitar with Jamstar

Jamstar is a guitar-learning app for iOS, android and desktop computer. Those looking for an interactive approach to learning guitar should check it out. It mainly targets beginner and intermediate players, but does contain more advanced lessons as well.

Acoustic Nation Report: NAMM Show 2014 Day 3

I must admit, I might be dragging from some late night fun, but I tried to cover a lot of ground and check out a larger variety of acoustic gear be it guitars, ukes, accessories or other odds and ends.