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Five Lessons I Learned As an Artist That Helped Me As a Producer

Before anything else, I am a songwriter, performer and guitarist. But it's my role as a producer that this three-headed hydra is fed in a way the artist's path could never. The role of producer removes me from the soft cocoon of the self-absorbed singer songwriter. This is simply because, for lack of a better word, I'm dealing with other people’s shit.

The Creative Process: Does My Writing Fill a Purpose?

I started writing songs before I could play the guitar. I've been trying to catch up to what I hear ever since. The process, since day one, has been like waiting for the arrival of friend. Never a literal attempt at creating. It has been going on at a steady clip for a long time now. I find writing the song the easy part. The hard part is making sure I should write the song.

The Creative Process: Be the Worst Person In The Room

Be the worst person in the room if you’re the songwriter. It’s one rule I’ve tried to follow and succeeded with to some degree. In the case of recording, if I’m the worst person in the room, then my recording is going to be all the better for it.