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Recording King Introduces Dirty 30's Harmonella Acoustic Guitars

Recording King's Dirty 30's Harmonella guitars are a throwback to the dry, throaty sounding department-store instruments that have become favorites of blues players and songwriters everywhere.

The Harmonella single 0 and 000 are the first of the Dirty 30's Series with tailpieces.

Though they're based on vintage instruments, their tone benefits from some modern building techniques.

Historically, tailpieces were used on guitars whose tops were reinforced using ladder bracing.

These tops delivered a dry sound with very few overtones.

Harmonella models are built using traditional x-bracing on the solid spruce top, which, when paired with the tailpiece delivers vibrant gutbucket blues sound with enhanced overtones. The original models were made with steel reinforced necks, but today's Harmonellas are built with traditional truss rods for easy neck adjustments.

The classic aesthetics are just as much a part of their appeal as their sound, and Harmonella guitars follow vintage tradition from the classic-style fretboard markers to the old-school bound soundhole and matte sunburst finish.

Whether you're a songwriter who wants vintage blues sound, or a first-time player who wants something a little cooler, get the benefits of modern construction while still delivering tons of vintage vibe with the Recording King Dirty 30's Harmonella single 0 and 000. Harmonella guitars have a street price of $199.99.

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