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Weber Fine Instruments Updates Yellowstone Mandolin Series for 2015

Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments is pleased to introduce the Yellowstone Aesthetic Package with a return to 2013 pricing levels.

The instruments are available in sopranolin, mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin and mandocello models, as well as in archtop octar, celtar and guitar body styles.

“Not only are our guitars some of the most unique guitars out on the acoustic market today, but they are also the most astoundingly crafted, precisely detailed and incredibly sounding guitars as well!” says Bruce Weber Jr., head of production.

“Our Weber craftsmen build all of our instruments with the thought in mind that they will be passed down from generation to generation. They are true heirloom pieces!”

Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments: Yellowstone HT Mandolin Video

Yellowstone tone bar craftsmanship pairs head-turning sound with stunning aesthetics. Designed to perform in any setting from the living room to hard-scrabble roadhouses with unparalleled playability, now everyone from working musicians to everyday players can get in on the action. The materials and construction of these fine instruments haven’t changed, still delivering signature rich, full sound.

Yellowstone models, like all Weber instruments, are handcrafted from carefully chosen domestic and exotic solid woods and built with attention to every aspect of each unique instrument.

These gloss-finished workhorses feature the Yellowstone’s hand graduated and tuned Red Spruce top, and the Weber Traditional Bridge and a radiused ebony fretboard. This ensures not only sonic perfection, but unmatched playability as well. Yellowstone Series instruments are available in traditional Yellowstone Burst with ivory binding as well as Honey Burst with tortoise binding, and are handcrafted with select tonewoods including AAA curly maple backs, ribs and necks.

In order to make the 2015 Yellowstone Series available to a wider array of players, Weber is pleased to announce a return to 2013-level pricing, without forfeiting any quality in materials or workmanship.

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