Yamaha Creates Vintage Tone with New Wood

Yamaha has been making instruments for quite some time. Well over a century in fact.

So they know firsthand how age enhances the tone of the wood.

In fact, the company has done a variety of tests to determine what those age-enhanced tonal characteristics are.

And now with that knowledge, Yamaha has taken the next step to create a way to accelerate that wood aging process so that new woods can have that sweet, vintage-instrument tone, too.

Cool, right?

This revolutionary wood reforming technology is called Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.). Within a short period of time, new wood matured with this technology produces a tonal richness like that of well-used vintage instruments.

A.R.E technology uses specialized equipment that precisely controls temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure to transform the wood. But best of all it uses no chemicals in the treatment process.

The origins of A.R.E. technology date back to the late 1990s and arose from the research Yamaha conducted to commence the manufacture of violins.

Famous violins made 200 or 300 years ago are well known for the wonderful tones they produce. Yamaha researched why the wood in old violins makes such a sweet sound and made it their mission to figure out how to create those conditions purposefully.

This video shows the enhanced resonance of wood treated with A.R.E. Use headphones if you want to really hear the full effect.

Yamaha now uses wood that’s gone through the A.R.E. process in their new L Series guitars.

All new models in the series now include solid Engelmann spruce tops that are treated with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement), resulting in outstanding tonal balance and eliminating the harsh edge common with younger guitars.

Take it from us, these guitars do sound SWEET!

The Yamaha L Series also features redesigned bracing, including a lower bracing height and shape that improves the vibration of the top board and tonal transference throughout the guitar, creating a balanced low end and crisp top end characteristics.

  • The guitars also include a refined, thinner neck profile, lower string action and wider string spacing. A new five-ply neck design adds stability and additional tone enhancement.

The L Series models come with an unobtrusive passive under-saddle Studio Response Technology (S. R. T.) pickup for live applications that does not affect the unplugged sound or detract from the gorgeous finishes of these guitars.

Find out even more detail about Yamaha’s A.R.E. technology and more here>>

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