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Guitarist Strings Together 10 Famous Songs in One Guitar Solo — Video

Below is a fairly recent video from Andre Antunes, one of our favorite video-making guitarists.

We’ve previously featured Andre’s videos—including “Uptown Funk—Played by 10 Epic Famous Guitar Players” and “Daft Punk—Get Lucky Played by 10 Epic Famous Guitar Players”—and they’re always a treat, thanks to his creative approach to the material and, of course, his excellent guitar playing. As anyone familiar with his work knows, Andre is not only fluent in a diverse range of techniques but also quite adept at mimicking the styles and tones of many players.

In this video, Andre presents choice excerpts from 10 songs together in one solo. Among the tunes included are Santana’s “Love of My Life,” Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” Queen’s “Innuendo,” Steve Vai’s “Building the Church” and even “Flight of the Bumblebee.” He’s also included no fewer than two Muse tracks!

You can keep up to date on Andre and his music on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. So feel free to find those URLs.