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Guns N’ Roses Onstage Fails: Here’s the Best of Their Worst Moments

A compilation video of Guns N’ Roses’ onstage fails has surfaced, and you can check it out below.

The video opens with a clip you’ve seen here before—a technical fail from last year that caused a rather humorous breakdown of “November Rain.” Axl took that one in stride, but as the video shows, he had less patience for fans that throw fireworks and bottles. In addition to those moments, the video includes clips of Axl throwing a fit (and several microphones), Axl falling onstage, Axl falling offstage (a lot), Slash getting attacked, Slash playing badly… and more.

Unfortunately, the video quality varies from good to lousy. On the other hand, Guns N’ Roses seem to be having a better time on the road and onstage these days, so let’s hope their winning streak continues.

You can see more rock-star fail videos at—where else?—RockStar Fail.