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Striker Premiere "Too Late" Guitar Playthrough/Lesson Video

Striker and have gotten together to bring you a new playthrough/lesson video for "Too Late." It's a standout track from the band's upcoming album, Stand in the Fire, which will be released February 5 via Record Breaking Records.

"This song is full of classic Eighties metal tricks," says Striker guitarist Tim Brown, who is featured in the clip.

"These include using the push (or syncopation) in rhythm playing, using broken chords over a changing background riff and, last but not least, epic shredding and tapping to melt your fingers on. Though simple upon first listen, there are lots of complex parts that can increase the difficulty and challenge that will make this song fun for guitarists of all levels.”

Stand in the Fire is packed with incredible riffs and colossal anthems, all laced together with epic harmonies. It's available for preorder right here.

Inspired by legendary bands like Iron Maiden, Striker wear their hearts firmly on their battle jackets, soaking up the power and influence of classic rock and metal. Striker is Dan Clearly (vocals), Tim Brown (guitar), William Wallace (bass) and Adam Brown (drums). They'll be hitting the road with Primal Fear across Europe in February.

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Photo: Dana Zuk

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