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Are You Murdering Your Own Guitar Success?

If you want to be successful at anything, you have to take yourself seriously. But sometimes you can get so caught up in the details that you actually prevent yourself from moving forward.

This is especially true when it comes to improving guitar skills. It’s so tempting to compare your own skill level to the capabilities of other players that you can become distracted from your own goals.

Andrew from YouTube’s CreativeGuitarStudio channel makes just this point in his video “Are You Murdering Your Own Guitar Success?” the latest entry in his Guitar Blog Insider.

“You know, when guitar players get so hung up on how they’re doing at learning to play the guitar, they not only end up slowing down their level of progress but, even worse,” Andrew says, “they’ll begin hurting the main reason why they started to play guitar in the first place, which is, of course, to have fun.

“So in this episode of the Guitar Blog Insider, I want to discuss the idea of why some people kill their own success by getting way too hung up on how they’re doing. It’s a real killer of both motivation and for a person’s long-term guitar success.”

Andrew goes on to talk about the habits of successful guitarists. Some of the points he makes include:

“Those guitar players who have a lot of success with getting results out of their practice time are essentially the type of players who will stick to their goals,” he says. “They’re committed to the music that they’re learning, and they don’t overload themselves with dozen of different directions and choices. They have a method that they stick to, and they’re organized. They rely on themselves to keep a regular practice routine going, and they aren’t obsessed about their level of progress compared to anyone else.”

“At the same time, they know that with more practice in the future, they can break through the ceiling that they’re at now and they can get even better than they are today. This is the attitude and the mindset of the successful guitar player.”

Check out the video for more details. As always, Andrew makes a lot of great points and offers plenty of advice.

For more of Andrew’s videos, visit his CreativeGuitarStudio channel on YouTube.