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Chemistry Design Werks Unveils New Holeyboard ZigZag Modular Pedalboard

Chemistry Design Werks has unveiled its new Holeyboard ZigZag Modular pedalboard.

The Holeyboard ZigZag modular pedalboard system allows guitarists to connect Zig and Zag together in any way they desire using the Z-Connector. Guitars can use Zig alone for 2-6 or so pedals plus their power supply, and connect 2 Zigs together for 12, plus a Zag (or 2) for their Wah and volume pedals. Any power supply attaches easily.

The Holeyboard ZigZag was created due to requests for a new pedalboard that would be a good place for someone who is just getting into effects pedals, with the ability to grow easily, and/or for the person that highly values compactness, space and weight.

The Holeyboard ZigZag uses cable-ties to secure and protect your pedals, which makes changing pedals easy. It’s constructed with aircraft-grade 5052 series aluminum to optimize strength, weight and durability, and has a lifetime warranty.

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