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Eddie Van Halen Tests New EVH Gear 5150IIIS Amp Head — GoPro Video

OK, this is kinda cool.

Check out this just-posted video of Eddie Van Halen testing the new EVH Gear 5150IIIS amp head. The catch is, everything is shot with GoPro cameras, so you're seeing things from some pretty interesting and revealing angles.

In the clip, which you can check out below, Eddie plays some of his most iconic Van Halen licks and riffs, from "Hot for Teacher" to "Dance the Night Away" and beyond.

While showing off the gear, Van Halen showcases the differences between the 5150IIIS and its predecessor, the 5150III. The latest version of the amp is the result of Eddie's desire to have a little "more gas in the tank" before Van Halen's successful 2012 tour.

For more about this 120-watt amp (including a lot more details, like the fact that it's 120 watts), head here.

Van Halen are set to release a new live album, its first-ever with David Lee Roth on vocals. Tokyo Dome Live In Concert, which was recorded in June 2013, will be available March 31 as two CDs, a four-LP set on 180-gram vinyl and via digital outlets.

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