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Epiphone Les Paul vs. PRS Singlecut SE: Affordable Humbucker Ax Comparison

Looking for an affordable, high-quality, humbucker-equipped guitar? Check out this comparison between an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a PRS Singlecut SE.

Darrell Braun takes the two guitars in hand for an in-depth look at their materials, construction and tone to help you make the best choice between these excellent models.

“We’re gonna look at the working-man’s version of these instruments, simply because if you’ve got 3,000 dollars saved up for a Gibson Les Paul Standard or an American PRS, you probably know which one you want,” Darrell says.

  • “But if you’re a new player, or if you’re an intermediate player that wants to step up from a lower-end guitar to a high-quality midrange guitar, hopefully you’ll find this video helpful.”
  • Darrell puts both guitars through their paces, demonstrating their clean tones as well as classic rock and high-gain tones.
  • “Let me know which guitar you liked the best,” he says, “the Epi LP with its warmer, rounder tone, or the PRS with its slightly brighter tone and increased clarity/string definition!”

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You can check out more of Darrell’s videos on his YouTube channel.