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Epiphone Les Paul vs. PRS Singlecut SE: Affordable Humbucker Ax Comparison

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Looking for an affordable, high-quality, humbucker-equipped guitar? Check out this comparison between an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a PRS Singlecut SE. 

Darrell Braun takes the two guitars in hand for an in-depth look at their materials, construction and tone to help you make the best choice between these excellent models.

“We’re gonna look at the working-man’s version of these instruments, simply because if you’ve got 3,000 dollars saved up for a Gibson Les Paul Standard or an American PRS, you probably know which one you want,” Darrell says. 

“But if you’re a new player, or if you’re an intermediate player that wants to step up from a lower-end guitar to a high-quality midrange guitar, hopefully you’ll find this video helpful.” 

Darrell puts both guitars through their paces, demonstrating their clean tones as well as classic rock and high-gain tones.

“Let me know which guitar you liked the best,” he says, “the Epi LP with its warmer, rounder tone, or the PRS with its slightly brighter tone and increased clarity/string definition!”

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You can check out more of Darrell’s videos on his YouTube channel.