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Mojotone Announces Studio One Amplifier Kit

Mojotone has announced the release of the Studio One Amplifier Kit.

From the company:

The Studio One is a one-watt, high-gain amplifier designed to produce a big, saturated guitar sound at a manageable volume level. Players and engineers with in-home studios should benefit greatly from the amp, as it can drive anything from a 1x8 speaker cabinet all the way up to a 4x12 without breaking noise ordinance regulations. Additionally, the Studio One is a great fit for live-tracking situations wherein one needs a dirty guitar sound without excessive microphone bleed. Available only as a kit, the Studio One Amplifier has an estimated build time of only five hours and is appropriate for experts as well as first-time builders.

Once complete, the amp has a clean channel with volume and tone controls and a dirty channel with volume, treble, middle, bass and gain controls. It is built on a Mojotone 18-watt chassis and can also fit into a Mojotone 20-watt-style head cabinet. The stock setup includes a 12BH7 power tube, two 12AX7 preamps tubes (dirty channel) and one 12AY7 preamp tube (clean channel).

LIST PRICES: Starting at $324.99

For more information, visit MojoTone.