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Six Guitar Effects Every Guitarist Should Know—with Songs and Tab

As much as guitarists love the pure tone of a great electric guitar, we also like to enhance our instrument’s tone with external effects.

In this video, “Six Guitar Effects You Should Know,” Paul Davids showcases six favorite effects of guitarists everywhere. He talks about the history of the effects and how to apply them, and he performs excerpts of songs that feature the effects, while providing tab, so you can learn them and play along.

The effects and their accompany songs include tremolo (the Nancy Sinatra Sixties classic “Bang Bang”), delay (Buckethead’s “Whitewash”), wah (Dream Theater’s “Home”), the Whammy Pedal (Tom Morello’s “Killing in the Name” solo), chorus (Prince’s “Purple Rain”) and rotary (Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Cold Shot”).

Take a look, and check out Paul’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.