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Steve Stevens Demos and Discusses Supro 1624T Dual-Tone Guitar Amp — Video

In this new Guitar World video, Grammy-winning guitarist Steve Stevens demos and discusses the new Supro 1624T Dual-Tone guitar amp at his home studio in Los Angeles.

From the company:

"The Dual-Tone 1×12 combo is the undeniable rock star of the mid-Sixties Supro amplifier lineup. Vintage 1624T amps have been sought-after for decades because they embody the most desirable aspects of the Supro sound.

"As the Dual-Tone’s volume knob is turned beyond noon, a fat and compressed clean tone evolves into an immediately recognizable grind that remains articulate and listenable even when turned up to full blast.

"This 24-Watt, 1×12 tube combo can easily be driven to glorious saturation at a manageable gigging volume while retaining exceptional clarity and bandwidth, at any level of gain."

Although he's best known for his work with Billy Idol, Stevens is a top-flight session guitarist who has worked with a host of artists, including Michael Jackson and Vince Neil. He also recorded the theme song from Top Gun!

Idol's new album, Kings & Queens of the Underground, features Stevens and will be released October 21 on Idol's own BFI Records via Kobalt Label Services. It's Idol's first album in almost a decade.

For more about Supro amps, visit For more about Stevens, head here.