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Three Reasons Your Les Paul Won’t Stay in Tune

A human plays a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul.

A human plays a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul. (Image credit: Cindy Moorhead)

Darrell Braun notes that if you search the web for “Gibson Les Paul,” “the words ‘will not stay in tune’ usually pop up as one of the top searches. “And if you click on that, you’ll find hundreds of threads of people just absolutely frustrated why their very, very expensive guitars will not stay in tune.”

In this recent-ish video, Darrell explores three reasons why the Les Paul won’t stay in tune due to its headstock design. He notes the nut material and width, the G and D string paths through the nut and the rake of the headstock angle. Darrell also looks at other guitar manufacturers’ designs to note why they don’t suffer from tuning issues.

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For more of Darrell’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.