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Video: Gibson Pranks Fender at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show

Just like the headline says, here's a video of Gibson pranking Fender at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show, which took place last month in Anaheim, California.

We'll let you watch the action unfold.

All we'll say is that it involves an empty guitar display in the massive Fender room, a comedian named Jack Vale and a guitar from Gibson's new Double Diamond Series, which we spotted at the NAMM Show.

The clip also gives you an idea of what the Winter NAMM Show — or at least the Fender room — is like. Lots of people, lots of guitars, lots of walking around, shooting iPhone photos!

[[ Head HERE to watch a whole mess of prank-free gear videos from the 2014 Winter NAMM Show! ]] Enjoy!