Chords: The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down"

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Artist: The Beatles 

Song: "Don't Let Me Down”

Album: Let It Be

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CHORUS   4/4 time

E                 F#m       F#m7   Amaj7/B      E

     Don't let me down             Don't let me down             Don't let me

F#m               F#m7  Amaj7/B      Esus4  E

down                    Don't let me down

Verse   5/4 time

E                             F#m7                  F#m/B

Nobody ever loved me like she does   oo she does    yes she

E  Esus4 E                                      F#m

does     And if somebody ever loved me like she do me    oo she

             F#m/B   E  Esus4

do me,       yes she does


And from the first time that she really done me   oo she done me, she done me

good.    I guess nobody ever really done me,  oo she done me, she does me good


BRIDGE   4/4 time

E                                                              B

     I'm in love for the first time  Don't you know it's gonna last.

                          B7                              E

It's a love that lasts forever,   It's a love that had no past