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Chords: The Wallflowers "6th Avenue Heartache"

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Below is a user-submitted guitar tablature for the song "6th Avenue Heartache" by The Wallflowers, one of several user-submitted tabs to be found on

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Artist: The Wallflowers

Song: "6th Avenue Heartache”

Album: Bringing Down the Horse


F C G Bb    F C G Bb

verse I:

        F               C                G                  


Sirens ring. shots rang out. A stranger cries  screams out loud.

          F                           C                 G          

I had my world    strapped against my back.   I held my hands 


never  knew  how  to act.



Well the same black line that was drawn on you 

     C                                G

was drawn on me  and now its drawn me in.


6th avenue heartache

Solo:  F C G Bb

verse II:


_____? (your guess is as good as mine)

                     C                   G               Bb       

There was a homeless man.  was singing a songs I knew complete

             F                      C

On the steps alone    his guitar in hand 

          G                        Bb

his 50 years     he stood where he stands

chorus: 2x  F C G Bb

Solo:   F C G Bb

verse III:

        F               C

Walking home    on those streets  

          G                Bb

the river winds    move my feet

           F                         C

The subway steam like silhouettes in dreams

          G                             Bb

Stood by me [stood by me]  just like moonbeams

chorus: 2x  F C G Bb 

Solo: 2x  F C G Bb

Verse IV:

              F                        C       

Look out the window.   Down up on that street

                   G                     Bb

I am gone like at midnight   words that mend 


but I sit Here with six strings   

                   C                  G

layed against that wall   and all his things 


they all look so small

                 F                        C

I got my fingers crossed   on  a shooting star

          G              Bb

just like me just moved   -?-

chorus:  F C G Bb (repeat)

F:     x03211

C:     x32010

G:     320033

Bb:   11333x