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Five Easier Alternatives to the F Chord

(Image credit: Damian Fanelli)

As every guitarist knows, F major can be a tricky chord to play. There’s the standard barre-chord variety, with the index finger barred across the first fret and the other fingers playing an E major shape. And there’s the form that has the F rooted on the D string—easier to play, but without the heft you get with the F rooted on the low E.

In this video, guitar instructor Darrell Braun presents five alternatives to F that are easier and offer more interesting voicings. Learn them all, and you’ll have a range of different voicings you can use to suit every situation.

Darrell’s voicings include F/A (first inversion), Fadd9, Fmaj7, Fmaj7sus2 and F/C (second inversion). Of this last chord he says, “This is a great one when you need a little extra low end.”

For that matter, take the F/C shape, play the low E on the first fret with your thumb, and you have an easier F chord.

Darrell shows you how to play each chord and then plays it in a sequence so you can hear how it fits in as a substitute for F major.

Take a look, learn them all, and be sure to visit Darrell’s YouTube channel for more.