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Ariel Posen shares his compact, tone-rich rig in this pedalboard playthrough

Ariel Posen demonstrates his new pedalboard
Ariel Posen demonstrates his updated pedalboard for Guitar World (Image credit: Ariel Posen)

Ariel Posen is one of those guitarists that's got the full deck of fretboard virtues. His playing is melodically rich but also features stellar phrasing and virtuosic flourishes. Some will know him from his work in the Bros. Landreth band but he's primarily a tasteful and accomplished songwriter and solo artist – with a great ear for beautiful tone.

In this exclusive video, Ariel walks us through the main tonal building blocks of his current studio and touring rig, from his Josh Williams Mockingbird semi-hollow electric to drives and fuzzes, modulation pedals and switching devices. 

As Ariel's playing takes in both slide and fretted playing, there are some eclectic pedal choices there as well as established go-to pedals such as his signature Hudson Electronics Broadcast AP pedal which is based off a '60s-era recording console preamp and functions as an always-on boost that graduates into overdrive and fuzz territory if desired. 

Ariel hasn't been taking it easy during 2020, despite the pandemic, and fans will welcome the release of his two latest singles Carry Me Home and Coming Back on Spotify, Apple Music and most major music platforms. The singles follow on the heels of his critically renowned album How Long and feature some of the tone machines featured on the video. We urge you to check them out.