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Ashdown unveils Geezer Butler signature Pedal Of Doom

Ashdown Engineering Pedal Of Doom
(Image credit: Ashdown Engineering)

Ashdown has announced the launch of a new Geezer Butler signature EQ/distortion stompbox, the Pedal Of Doom. 

The new pedal uses the preamp from Butler’s Ashdown Head Of Doom as its basis but was reportedly inspired by the evolving tone of the 'Sabbath classic Hand Of Doom (from the metal icons' second album Paranoid,) in which Butler’s tone steps-up from the slower, grooving intro into the more frenetic, distorted sections.

As such, the brand wanted to develop a pedal that could give players plenty of EQ control and a choice of drives, enabling them to further scale-up the intensity and harmonic elements of the tone via the ‘Doom’ switch.  

Ashdown Engineering Pedal Of Doom

(Image credit: Ashdown Engineering)

Ashdown says the new pedal has been “forged in the deepest darkest depths of… Essex” in the UK and features an onboard transformer isolated DI output, dual switchable EQs, and a ‘Doom’ footswitch, which engages the drive section. 

There’s a five-band EQ for both the EQ and Doom channels of the pedal, with an independent volume and gain control on hand for the Doom side. Round the back there’s an XLR output, and a 1/4” in and out.  

The dual VU meters of the Head Of Doom are also present, giving players an immediate read on the input/output balance, as well as adding a bit of steam punk character, or demonic eyes (it’s a bit like a sort of pedal-based Rorschach test). 

Ashdown Engineering Pedal Of Doom

(Image credit: Ashdown Engineering)

Although Ashdown initially developed the pedal to an advanced stage before presenting it to Butler, the bassist has been suitably impressed with its performance. 

“This is without a doubt the best sounding and engineered pedal I have ever played,” says Butler. “And with my amp it truly has the sound of doom I live for.”

Ashdown Engineering’s Geezer Butler Pedal Of Doom will ship from January 2022 and has an MSRP of £299.00 (approx. $411.00).

Head to Ashdown's official site for more information.

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