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Ask Joe Satriani anything in his new Club Joe Streaming Sessions

Joe Satriani has been opening up to us in all kinds of ways lately, revealing everything from what he thinks is his worst album to the one solo he regrets writing and recording, and even that time Slash spit on his wah pedal.

Now, the Shapeshifting electric guitar player is opening the floor to questions from his fans with a new live series, Club Joe Streaming Sessions.

The streaming series launches today, May 4, at 11:00 am PST. The debut episode focus on Satch’s 1992 album, The Extremist, offering a glimpse into “how it happened and what made the album so magical for Joe.”

Viewers can post their Extremist-related questions and Joe will pick a few to answer.

For links to the different platform to view Club Joe Streaming Sessions, surf this way.