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Billie Eilish’s When the Party’s Over gets a prog-metal cover on a 16-string double-neck guitar

There’s lot of ways to create an interesting cover of a song – a jaw-dropping fingerstyle version of Sweet Child O’ Mine, for one – and we can say that Felix Martin definitely hits on several of them in this prog-metal take on Billie Eilish’s When the Party’s Over.

For starters, there’s the fact that he uses a custom Kiesel 16-string electric guitar to perform the melody and Eilish’s vocal part. The instrument, featuring two eight-string necks, also sports a 27-inch scale, Hipshot Headless system bridges and Kiesel Lithium Series pickups.

Then there’s the fact that he employs a whole host of techniques, including tapping on both necks simultaneously, to cover the various parts.

“I've been wanting to apply my style of music and guitar technique to many other genres and it has been helping me to become a better musician,” Martin said.

Regarding his approach here, he continues, “The main band style is progressive metal. The guitar arrangement consist of playing the original chords and melody in many different ways. Mostly tapping, but also some power chords and solos at the end.” 

You can check out the build process for Martin’s 16-string Kiesel above.

For more information, head to Felix Martin.