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Bobby Keller delivers an indomitable performance of Reign in Fire in this exclusive playthrough

Early 2020 saw the announcement of Bobby Keller's new solo project (in collaboration with drummer and engineer Ben Johnson), and with it came his first single Reign in Fire, a furious and sonically diverse instrumental piece that puts his virtuosic abilities on full display.

Having shouldered lead guitar duties with Florida metallers Meka Nism since 2010 - performing alongside Evanescence, Gojira, Hellyeah and more in the process - it's clear to see how Keller has honed his razor-sharp chops.

If you're keen to see said chops in action, today's your lucky day, as he's filmed a red-hot playthrough of Reign in Fire exclusively for Guitar World. From ethereal clean lines to monstrous down-tuned riffs and face-melting solo sections, Keller blazes through the track with brutal efficiency.

He wields two ESP electric guitars for this one - an Eclipse and a LTD H-1001FR - because let's face it, one guitar is is simply not enough. Each is fitted with a set of EMG 57/66 pickups, and runs through a Driftwood Mini Nightmare 45w amp. His signal chain also includes a Lonely Ghost Delay/Reverb/Boost Pedal.

"I really wanted to get up close and personal with my style of guitar playing on one of my favorite songs that I have written to date," Keller says.

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