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Can’t wait for the Boss HM-2 reissue? KMA Audio Machines’ WURHM could fill the void

KMA Audio Machines WURHM
(Image credit: KMA Audio Machines)

Yesterday, Boss confirmed that an HM-2 Heavy Metal reissue was finally in the works, but it wouldn’t launch until next year, and its feature set is yet to be determined. In the meantime, German effects firm KMA Audio Machines has announced the WURHM, its modernized take on iconic made-in-Japan Boss distortion pedal.

This new incarnation of the KMA’s WURM pays homage to its inspiration with a black-and-orange enclosure – and it even comes with a free t-shirt with the same design.

Sonically, it promises a wider range of tones than the original, via a four-band active EQ – which includes the highs and lows of the HM-2, plus new high mids and low mids controls – as well as volume and Terror (aka distortion) knobs.

Further flexibility comes courtesy of internal trim-pots to change the center frequency of each control, while players can switch between the original HM-2 high control and KMA’s design using internal DIP switches.

In all, that means the WURHM should be able to handle a host of high-gain distortion tones beyond the chainsaw Swedeath sound the HM-2 is known for.

Just 200 WURHMs will be produced in this finish, and sell for €219/£199 (approx $260) apiece. Head over to KMA Audio Machines for more info.

Michael Astley-Brown

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