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DSM and Humboldt launches feature-packed Simplifier DLX stereo amp

DSM and Humboldt Simplifier DLX
(Image credit: DSM and Humboldt)

Chilean pedal maker DSM and Humboldt has launched the Simplifier DLX, a new feature-packed version of its Simplifier zero-watt stereo amplifier.

It boasts two separate preamps – each of which with three amp modes (MS Brit, American, AC Brit) and three gain modes (Clean, Crunch and Lead) – meaning it can be used either as a stereo two-channel amplifier, or as two parallel amps for a full stereo signal chain.

Each channel also sports its own cab and power amp simulations, which feature Mic Placement and Cab Type, and Presence, Resonance, and Tube Type controls, respectively.

There’s also an onboard stereo reverb with three modes: Room, Ether and Plate. This effect is switchable using the included external footswitch, which is also able to switch the unit’s channels.

Other features include a stereo FX send/return loop, stereo TRS input and ‘Thru’ output, discrete left and right output jacks and a pair of ground-lifted DI XLR outputs for running directly into a mixer or audio interface.

The Simplifier DLX will be available from May for $449. For more information, head over to DSM and Humboldt.

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