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Dunable teams up with Revocation's Dave Davidson for the Eidolon boost, reverb and delay pedal

(Image credit: courtesy of Dunable)

Dunable has introduced the Eidolon, a combined boost, reverb and delay effect pedal designed in conjunction with Revocation front man Dave Davidson.

The three-in-one unit offers up 20 db of clean boost alongside digital delay with time and feedback controls and a hall reverb with level and color controls. There’s also a mod switch that adds modulation to delay trails.

Additionally, the three effects are controlled independently, making it possible to use each of them one at a time, or all three at once.

According to Dunable, Davidson brought the idea to the company as a way to remedy having to carry separate pedals for each effect in his touring rig, as well as to streamline the need to click three stompboxes on and off at the same time to access his lead tone onstage.

“The problem I was having was I wanted to streamline my setup,” Davidson says in the accompanying demo video.

“When you’re thinking about having that lead sound you want a boost, you want a little bit of reverb, you want some delay for some atmosphere, and this pedal for the first time ever delivers all those effects all in one with just one stomp.”

The Eidolon is available now for pre-order for $259. To pick one up, head to Dunable.