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Exclusive: Kamchatka Premiere "Tango Decadence" Music Video

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Tango Decadence," a new song and music video by Swedish hard rock trio Kamchatka.

The track is from the band's upcoming album, The Search Goes On, which will be released in February by Despotz Records.

“Having played a lot of Swedish folk music together with the rock and blues music, I thought it was time for Kamchatka to have their take of a proper tango, so here you have ‘Tango Decadence’,” says Kamchatka singer/guitarist Thomas “Juneor” Andersson.

Kamchatka are putting the finishing touches on the album at their own Shrimpmonkey Studios in Varberg, Sweden, with bassist/vocalist Per Wiberg (Candlemass, ex-Opeth, Spiritual Beggars) handling production.

“After what feels like a very long time of going through different propositions from different record companies, we finally landed smoothly with Despotz Records in Stockholm for The Search Goes On,” the band said in a press release. “The new material came out brilliant, especially after going through the producer Wiberg’s filter. So here we are at the end of 2013, Per Wiberg on bass and vocals, Tobias Strandvik on drums and Thomas ‘Juneor’ Andersson on guitar and vocals … Kamchatka!”

“Tango Decadence” is the first single from the album. Be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

For more about the band, visit them on Facebook.

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