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Go from warm acoustic tones to wall-shaking hard-rock growl in a heartbeat with Relish's new Walnut Mary guitar

Looking for an electric guitar that can get audiences reaching for their lighters one minute and throwing horns the next? Well, you've come to the right place. 

The Relish Walnut Mary is a wonderfully idiosyncratic, high-tech six-string. Its unique looks and versatility are defined by the walnut veneer on its body and headstock, and its "piano-style" floating sandwich construction.

As our Tech Editor, Paul Riario, shows in this demo, the guitar's two-finger coil-splitting and 17 pickup positions allow for crystal-clean, razor-sharp tone.

"If we're talking about precision-made, then this guitar is exactly that," Paul says. You can check out his full, in-depth demo above. 

For more info, head on over to Relish Guitars.