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GW live at NAMM 2020: Earthboard's new Power Station and Flat Patch cable are the guitar accessories you didn't know you needed

NAMM 2020: Whether it's through its terrific magnetically-designed pedalboard or its LifeLine modular pedalboard system, Earthboard always seems to have its eyes on making guitarists' lives a whole lot easier.

The company's latest accessories, the Flat Patch patch cable and Power Station, are no exception. The Flat Patch cable is designed to do away with clutter on your pedalboard (hopefully allowing for more pedals!) while the Power Station is a compact power source that acts as a perfect backup generator if you don't have batteries to spare.

Kym and Mark Bradley from Earthboard were kind enough to sit down with us to discuss these new accessories, and give a demonstration of the full Earthboard.

Check it all out in the video above, and be sure to check out the rest of our comprehensive NAMM coverage to get the skinny on more amazing gear!