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Harmony debuts sumptuous Series 6 all-tube guitar amp range

Harmony has lifted the lid on its new Series 6 guitar amps – a run of three all-tube combos, including the H650, H620 and H605.

Packed with thoughtful features, all three amps in the range offer Jensen speakers, blue Tolex covering (which we must admit looks completely stunning), three-band EQs and power attenuators, for getting the most of the preamp at lower volumes. 

The amps range from the 5-watt H605 (MSRP $549) through to the 20-watt H620 (MSRP $649) up to the stage-friendly 50-watt H650 (MSRP $999).

Harmony Series 6 guitar amplifiers

(Image credit: Harmony)

The H650 is the flagship combo of the trio, intended for use on big stages. It features a Jensen Tornado Stealth 65 12" speaker, four 12AX7 tubes in the preamp stage and two 6L6GC tubes in the power amp, plus built in tremolo, reverb and boost effects, all of which can be engaged with the supplied foot switch.

The 20-watt H620 is pitched as a studio-ready combo. It offers a Jensen Falcon 12” speaker, three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6GC power amp tubes. It has the same range of foot-switchable effects as the H650 and a line-out for recording.

Designed for bedroom rehearsal and home recording, the H605 uses a single 6L6GC power tube, with a pair of 12AX7 tubes in the preamp. It also comes with onboard reverb and boost, which are footswitchable. 

Even better, the company lined up a number of stellar six-string talents to demo the amps, including Devon Eisenbarger, Fredrik Halland and Yvette Young. You can hear Young's pedal-rich demo below.

For more information on the Series 6 amps, head to the Harmony site.

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