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Ibanez’s AZ series expands with first 7-string and rosewood fingerboard models

Ibanez new AZ models 2021
(Image credit: Ibanez)

NAMM 2021 isn't taking place in the physical realm this year, but you'll find all the hottest January gear launches in our guide to the biggest guitar, amp and pedal releases of 2021 so far.

The AZ series has been one of Ibanez’s biggest success stories in recent years, and for 2021, the Japanese guitar giant has served up a trio of new electric guitar models that promise to take the line-up to new heights.

Or perhaps that should be new lows, given two of the new models, the humbucker-equipped AZ24027 and HSS-configured AZ24047 – both $2,199 – mark the first seven-string additions to the range.

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Ibanez new AZ models 2021

Ibanez AZ24027 in Tri Fade Burst Flat (Image credit: Ibanez)
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Ibanez new AZ models 2021

Ibanez AZ24047 in Black (Image credit: Ibanez)

Both guitars essentially add a whole load of ‘7’s to the six-string AZ’s world-beating specs. So, that’s new Seymour Duncan Hyperion 7 pickups, a Gotoh T1872S bridge and new AZ7 Oval C roasted maple neck.

The scale length remains unchanged, at 25.5”, while the alder body, jumbo stainless steel frets and insanely versatile dyna-MIX 10 switching system also return.

Also seeing a launch this year is the AZ2204N ($1,999), which has the honor of being the first AZ with a rosewood fingerboard and tortoiseshell scratchplate, plus new Seymour Duncan Fortuna pickups.

According to Ibanez, the Fortunas are underwound compared with the original AZ Hyperions, and their scooped midrange promises to lend a more organic voice.

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Ibanez new AZ models 2021

Ibanez AZ2204N in Prussian Blue (Image credit: Ibanez)
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Ibanez new AZ models 2021

Ibanez AZ2204N in Antique White (Image credit: Ibanez)
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Ibanez new AZ models 2021

Ibanez AZ2204N in Black (Image credit: Ibanez)

Other tweaks over the existing AZ format include a non-recessed bridge cavity for increased resonance – and a switch to the appropriate Gotoh T1702B bridge – and a 228mm to 305mm compound radius.

All in all, it’s a slightly more traditional-looking take on the AZ formula, available in Prussian Blue, Antique White and Black finishes.

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