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IK Multimedia seeks to optimize the feel and tone of your guitar with the Z-Tone Buffer Boost pedal

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia has introduced the Z-Tone Buffer boost pedal, which takes its AXE I/O interface's tone-shaping capabilities and puts them in a pedal-sized enclosure.

The guitar/bass preamp/DI pedal features two channels – Pure, a completely transparent and ultra-accurate preamp circuit, and JFET, a Class A JFET input buffer for “subtle harmonic enhancement, midrange focus and warmth.” 

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

There’s also an active/passive pickup selector, Z-Tone variable impedance control (the same one found on the AXE I/O), a Boost circuit for added volume and drive, alternate outs for mixers and PA’s, a ground lift switch and a buffered signal for longer pedalboards and cable runs.

The Z-Tone Buffer Boost runs on a 9V battery or standard 9V pedal power supply.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Additionally, IK has unveiled the Z-Tone DI, a studio-quality active DI box that lets users add Z-Tone tone shaping to line-level sources like mixers and interfaces.

The DI features adjustable input and output gain, a balanced main output with ground lift swell as well an unbalanced out, a -20dB pad for an extended operating range and a "Link out" that mirrors the input signal directly.

The unit runs on either a 9V battery or +48V phantom power.

The Z-Tone Buffer Boost is offered for $169.99, while the Z-Tone DI sells for $149.99.

For more information, head to IK Multimedia.