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John Mayer sent Mary Spender his new single before anyone else got to hear it

Remember when John Mayer released a short snippet of his most recent single Last Train Home, and Mary Spender went ahead and finished it for him, producing an actually-really-good track in the process?

Well, for her intense two-day efforts, the YouTube electric guitar star was rewarded with what can only be described as every guitar player’s dream: a message from John Mayer himself.

But there’s more. Not only did Spender get a surprise Instagram voice memo from Mayer, the PRS-wielding wizard also sent the British singer-songwriter a first-ever cut of Last Train Home, meaning she got to hear it before anyone else.

“Hey Mary, this is John. I thought I would send you the entire Last Train Home that you could listen to before anyone else gets to hear it, to see how close it came to your version, and if you like it or not,”  said Mayer. Not a bad message to receive in your inbox, huh?

Halfway through the song, Spender reacted in much the same way as we imagine the majority of Mayer fans did, simply saying, “I’m speechless so far.”

Her final reaction? “I mean, it’s… it’s… it’s a perfect pop tune,” Spender concludes. “Such an ‘80s vibe, I love it.”

“Obviously I didn’t get it spot on, but that would’ve been impossible. I am pleased I got the right vibe and tone of the song,” she continued. “I’m going to be hooked on this song and the entire album that’s coming out all summer long.”

“It’s just really special to have new John Mayer music out,” Spender added. Amen to that, Mary.

Last Train Home, the new single from John Mayer, was officially released last Friday (June 4) following a week of social media teases, which included a glimpse of a hot pink PRS Silver Sky, as well as the retro-flavored cover of his upcoming album, Sob Rock.