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John Petrucci announces his first solo album in 15 years, Terminal Velocity

(Image credit: Rick Kern/WireImage)

John Petrucci released his first solo album, Suspended Animation, all the way back in 2005, and now the Dream Theater electric guitar player has finally announced the follow up.

In an Instagram post, Petrucci revealed that the new record will be titled Terminal Velocity and will be released in fall 2020.

As of now, all we have to tide us over is some very cool cover artwork and a short snippet of music.

But if his solo history is any indicator, the new jams will be epic, indeed – when asked by Guitar World to name one song that’s particularly challenging to play in a live setting, Petrucci chose Damage Control, from his first solo album.

“It’s just crazy,” he said. “I’ve said this before - I feel like I’m doing damage control the entire time I’m playing it. It just has so many weird things about it - time signatures and technical challenges and things. A concentration song, that one.”