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Kiesel partners with shred god Andy James for the ultra-customizable AJ2

Kiesel AJ2
(Image credit: Kiesel Guitars)

Kiesel has announced the second addition to its Andy James series of electric guitars, the AJ2.

Following the AJ6E – which was released two years ago – the AJ2 features several design changes, including the removal of a carved top, solid color options – instead of the burst aesthetic found on the AJ6E – and a bolt-on rather than a neck-through construction.

Available in both six- and seven-string configurations – and with both Hipshot and EverTune bridge options – most specs on the AJ2 are customizable, though the options have been set by James himself.

Non-customizable features include Polarity active dual-mode pickups, black chrome hardware, and black pickup poles. Further to this, customers have complete reign over the top and body woods, fingerboard material, finish and more.

Price-wise, the AJ2 with a Hipshot fixed bridge is available for $1,499 and $1,549 for a six- or seven-string, respectively, while the EverTune-equipped version is available for $1,799 and $1,849 in six- and seven-string configurations, respectively.

For more information, head over to Kiesel Guitars.

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