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Learn the awe-inspiring licks behind Moon Tooth's Awe At All Angles in this super-in-depth playthrough and lesson

After making a seismic dent in the prog-rock scene with their 2019 album Crux, Long Island's Moon Tooth are taking it easy during quarantine. However, that hasn't stopped guitarist Nick Lee from putting together this gargantuan playthrough/lesson video of one of the album's biggest tracks, Awe At All Angles.

After delivering jaw-dropping licks on an equally jaw-dropping Vigier GV Rock electric guitar in the playthrough, Lee goes seriously in-depth and shows you how to play the track in full in a truly comprehensive lesson.

Other gear used includes a '74 Hiwatt DR103 amp head powering a Krank 4x12 speaker cab. Lee's pedalboard consists of a Wampler Ego compressor, a J Rockett Ikon Archer and a Friedman BE-OD for overdrive and an Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork pitch-shifter for the low-octave harmony effect. His guitar is fitted with DiMarzio Dominion pickups.

"It’s a total honor to have this lesson featured on Guitar World," Lee says. "GW was the magazine I most looked forward to coming in the mail every month as a kid, and the transcriptions and lessons were a big part of my development as a player. 

"Awe At All Angles was one of the first songs we wrote for what become the album Crux. I really enjoyed the challenge of writing some crazy riffs to the simple backdrop of a catchy 'vi IV I' progression, and it was one of the first songs where I really tried to write something that gave John [Carbone, vocalist] the opportunity to shine and deliver those big hooks like the soulful singer that he is!

"I have been teaching guitar for a long time but it was still an interesting challenge to create a lesson video this way with my good friend Anthony Lopardo at Westfall Recording Company behind the camera. I hope folks out there enjoy learning the song and are inspired to write some riffs of your own!"

I'm a Staff Writer at Guitar World. I've played guitar for 15+ years and have a degree in Music Technology (Mixing & Mastering). I suppose that makes me qualified to talk to you about this stuff? I'm into all genres of music, but first and foremost I love all things rock and metal.