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Matt Bellamy gifted Tom Morello a guitar… Now Morello has returned the favor

Tom Morello and Matt Bellamy
(Image credit: Matt Bellamy/Instagram)

Last year, Matt Bellamy took over Manson guitars, which had been making his custom creations for over two decades – and to celebrate, he gave his idol Tom Morello his very own ‘Power to the People’ model. And now it seems Morello has sent a gift in return.

In a new Instagram photo, Bellamy can be seen with Morello’s signature Stratocaster, with the caption, “Thanks @tommorello for gifting me this Fender Soul Power beast! Looking forward to plugging it in.”

Earlier this year, Bellamy said of his own gift for Morello, “I think he’s probably the most innovative guitarist of our generation. So I felt like I had to give him something to say thanks for all the amazing riffs.”

This, of course, isn’t Bellamy’s first new guitar of the year – he also bought Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ Telecaster, and took receipt of a bonkers LED-equipped Manson violin bass.

Morello previously surprised 10-year-old Nandi Bushell with her own Soul Power Strat after her storming Rage Against the Machine cover in support of Black Lives Matter. She promptly put it to good use with a thoroughly rocking cover of Audioslave’s Cochise.

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