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Meet the Intelocaster, a Strat-style electric made from old computer parts

You’ve met the Les-o-caster, a Les Paul/Strat hybrid. Now how about we introduce you to the Intelocaster, a Stratocaster-like guitar with a body constructed from the guts of old laptop computers?

This newest bizarre build comes courtesy of YouTuber AWDCUTLASS, who begins by mixing together epoxy resin and epoxy hardener and pouring it into a Stratocaster-shaped body frame.

He then places the frame in a high pressure tank to solidify the epoxy mixture and remove the air bubbles.

This solid epoxy structure serves as the back of the guitar’s body, over which he piles a layer of laptop insides. From there, it’s more epoxy, then more insides, then more epoxy, and so on, resulting in a 3D visual effect.

After sanding and buffing the body, AWDCUTLASS creates the wiring and hardware routs and completes the guitar using parts from a Fender Player Series Strat – everything from the pickguard, pickups and tremolo to the neck and tuners.

And there you have it – the first, and only, Intelcaster.

You can check out the entire build in the video above, and head over to AWDCUTLASS’s official YouTube page for more info.